News Round Up, Week of October 26

We enjoyed this op-ed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez where she opens up about her Catholicism, and how her beliefs fuel her activism for criminal justice reform.

Nicholas Kristof explored shifts in the evangelical vote in this week’s New York Times opinion section, along with emerging trends in progressive evangelical Christianity.

Democrats need to be careful with how they deal with faith, particularly with Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholicism, as the election approaches. Barrett would seal a “Catholic supermajority” on the Supreme Court.

The presidential race isn’t the only one dealing with questions of faith and politics; read here about how deeply-held beliefs have played into this year’s Illinois Senate campaign.

Two years after the Pittsburgh shootings, the Tree of Life synagogue and the Pittsburgh Jewish community is still putting together the pieces amidst the global pandemic. Read more here about their reflections two years on.

Muslims are turning out to vote in record numbers, including this “patriotic motorcade” in Nevada. Will it make a difference? Read more here.

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